Introduction and how it all began

Hi guys.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I'm 25. Here is something about my background:

I've always been a natural with women. I always picked up all kinds of girls (from 3s to 10s) and I lost my virginity at 12 y.o. with my first girlfriend. Unfortunately most of my "game" was based on my looks (although I always had problems with my self-esteem) and I'm pretty good at building rapport (comfort) too but I NEVER managed to be good at opening and building attraction with a total stranger, although I never had a problem on starting a conversation with women in a social gathering where I knew most of the people that also knew her.

I spent most of my life dating a total of 5 girls. The last one, I spent 3 years with her and when I broke up with her (although I really loved her, I couldn't put up with her jealousy anymore), she started dating a friend of mine (15 days later). That made me loose my ground... The world was an ugly place to be for about 2 months and somewhere between I was searching for women psychology on the internet and I came across DeAngelo's stuff, after DYD book, I read "The Game" and I found out about mystery and the rest of the guys. Since then (all this happened a year ago) I studied a LOT and all the guru's, not just DD or MM and managed to improve my game and to have a better self-esteem (inner-game) BUT... it still creeps me out the approach and the attraction building (I actually can think of tons of things to say to open them, but I always keep that "what am I going to say next" in my head). I know it's kind of hard and no one can help me and I have to "put myself through the pain period". But it's stupid... most of the times I'm afraid of even trying because I ALWAYS have girls that have already hooked up with me in the same place (most of the times they become really good friends) and somehow I don't want them to see me get shot down. I know the best thing would be to go out with friend WITHOUT them... the fact is: MOST of my friends are such AFC's... There is only one of them that is REALLY good with girls but his game is purely based on social circle... if he doesn't go out to "his turf" he also becomes an AFC!

I still don't know what to do.. I really think the best way would be a bootcamp. I know that all I need is just a push to show me that it ain't that hard if done the correct way but unfortunately THERE is no bootcamps in this place at all.

Ok guys, I think that was a hell of introduction. LOL.
C ya. Chill