Why are you here... what are your reasons?

Hi guys. Name's Deviant 23 year old student from NYC. It's interesting how every member of this community seem to fall under one of a few categories as to why we all joined here in the first place.

I guess the best place to begin would be to reveal my own reason. I met a girl who I fell madly in love with... (somehow not realizing I played the game on her)-(push and pull amongst other techniques not known to me then) who fell in love with me as well. That was of course 5 years ago. I really thought I was going to marry this girl and I did eveything for her. Although I was not a perfect boyfriend, I was of course was always able to learn from mistakes and better myself from it for her and for me. As my life went down hill and fell into a slump, what I thought couldnt get much worse actually did. She dumped me 2 days after Valentines Day... Perhaps my mistake was that I tried too hard to salvage it, which made me seem more pathetic and clingy.. what can you do... it's the body's way of responding to losing something you love. Eventually I lost her... and even worse, Iw as given no proper closure nor reason. A simple... I fell out of love with you and that was it... until of course 2 weeks later I found our she was dating someone new and within a month from breaking up with me, was in a new relationship.

Simply put, I was emotionally raped, and scarred. In the end, for some odd reason I picked up The Game and found myself engufed by what this community stands for. I want to find myself again, to reframe my inner confidence... and perhaps to change myself for the better.

Style always asked what our reasons for joinning this community.. mine is to better myself somehow..

At the current moment, I just want to gain back confidence lost. I feel so used, betrayed, and quite unattractive.

I want to get back up at my feet..

Anyways, just sayin hi and hello. and wondering what your reasons are?

Hopely we can somehow help each other achieve our... objectives. It'll be along journey.