PUA Freshman

Hey guys. Thought i'd introduce myself to you.

I am Minty, i'm 18 and live in the UK.

I stumbled on the community pretty much by accident. I saw Style's myspace on an advert and immediately thought i'd check it out. I added him as a friend and watched a few of his videos.

A few weeks later, i was browsing through the record store, and on the bookshelf, something caught my eye. It was none other than "The Game" by Mr Neil Strauss. At only 5, i thought it was a bargain.

As i started reading through it, i noticed a few simalarties between him and me. I have always been pretty shy and reclusive, and all my friends seem to have girlfriends which i would get super jelous of. I was trapped in a vicious circle. The more i read, the more i became intrigued by the process involved, and i then started to search the internet, looking at as many resources i could.

It all seemed really complicated. Then i bought the mystery method on amazon, having just finished college, and a long summer ahead of me with nothing to do. I see this as the perfect time to learn my new skills.

I'm going to uni in september, and i hope that i can start to learn these skills so that i don't make the same mistakes there as i did at college.

In my journey to become a confident alpha male i feel that i have made the first neccessary steps.