Who is S1 ?!

Hey guys,

First off I want to say I have found some great information on this forum over the last few months and would like to thank all who have contributed thus far for their help. I have read a great deal of literature about the art and science of pick up and I know that experience in the field is the best teacher. With every set I run I gain valuable experience and improve my skill set. I am currently (just got here for the summer) in the (mid) cape cod area and trying to get my bearings so that I may continue to develop my PU skills. Any advice in regards to venues/beaches/locations, best times of day to sarge in the (mid) cape area would be greatly appreciated. Though historically I have preferred to sarge alone (good wings are hard to find) if any of you are in the area and are enthusiastic about pickup and are willing to push yourself out of your of comfort zone I might consider pulling you in as my wing.