The vitamin is ripe.

This whole PUA thing has been on my mind for a while. About a year.

I was completely unaware of the community until last month when I by chance stumbled upon "The Game" and read it. Great book. Neil is a sharp guy.

I want to get into the Game for:
- Options. More girls to choose from, for one thing. And as the community has shown, meeting them becomes a hobby. What if I'm bored on a saturday and I don't feel like practicing guitar? I can find a new lady-friend.
- Attention. Arm candy attracts people. Both sexes, and not just for sex. Just to meet you too, because you're an attractive couple.
- Vengence! My last and only LTR was year ago. After breaking up for the millionth time... I was pissed, depressed, and just wanted to go out and fuck some girls, but didn't have the social skills to do so.

Speaking of the ex-LTR. The first girl I had sex with was a solid 8. 5' 7", half-filipina, an amazing artist, and a sweet little 112 lb body with c-cups. I was her first, too. We were 17 and had been together for 4 months. Pretty romantic, huh?
We had a long, lusty, and very dramatic relationship that lasted for almost 2 and a half years... ("oh the memories" right?)
The second girl I had sex with was a 5, and was a friend of mine who was probably in more need than I was.
Fuck that. I want more hot artists.

And now personality...
Blah blah blah. I'm a guitarist. I used to be a drummer. I'm vocal training a little, too.
Yeah... I'm a music guy. I play Metal, but listen to lots of stuff. My favorite bands are Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Children of Bodom, Death, Nevermore, and Incubus' first four albums (their last two are shit IMO).
I also like gaming and literature. I don't read as much as I'd like though.
I've been trying to take up drawing lately, so I can design myself a tattoo and just so I can put cool pictures onto my walls. That's not panning out well though... I don't know where to begin to start learning.

If people want to talk about music or would like to give me some advice on drawing, that would be awesome.