Completely and Utterly New

Completely and Utterly New

Discuss Completely and Utterly New at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Completely and Utterly New Hello all, Where do I start? - Firstly, you can call ...

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    Completely and Utterly New

    Hello all,

    Where do I start?

    - Firstly, you can call me 'Rigi. I'm in my mid-20's, I reside in Rhode Island, and I manage group homes for special-needs adults.

    - I heard about the book titled, "The Game" a few weeks ago and sought out to purchase it a few nights ago. As of today, I'm 1/2-way through The Game and 70 pages deep into Mystery's book.

    - In the meantime, I figured I'd see what was available online. Mystery mentioned these forums in his book - so here I am.

    - Since college, I've been an absolute work-a-holic. I've settled for getting laid once or twice every couple months. Barely party. Never approach women. I've recently decided to work less, seek out other interests (i.e. salsa dancing), and fuck a lot more.

    - I haven't been in a relationship in 5-6 years. I prefer to be single. Marriage doesn't interest me. Long-term dating exhausts me. I manage to sleep with an attractive female once every few months (when I try), but I know I'm capable of much, much better. I guess that's the reason I'm most interested in this "field".

    - I'm considered fairly attractive. I stay in good shape. Thus, I guess my thinking would be ... if a geek can do it, why can't I?

    - I love how Mystery's book hits upon more than picking up women and getting laid. He also helps the reader build a foundation for a better life overall. Since being introduced to this new world, I've started using my gym membership again and I'm looking forward to engaging in new social activities.

    - What's most funny about what I've read thus far is ... I used to ALWAYS be the that guy who opened up with silly lines. I would talk to anyone - easily. Complete strangers would become "friends" in minutes. But over the past couple of years, that part of me has subsided for some reason. Also, even then, my natural talent was like a grenande - not so precise. Mystery's book talks about being a heat-seeking missile! Everything you say should have intent. I dig that aspect of the Method.

    - I'm still afraid I'll become a read-a-holic and never have the balls to start the real-deal work. You know, the ACTUAL approaching.

    - That's all I can think of for now. I haven't even started reading the forums. I just know that when I dedicate myself to something, I
    usually succeed. So the effort starts now.

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    Thanks for the facts! Good luck while you're here ... I hope you find what you're looking for.
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