Hey everyone. Obviously I'm new to the PUA society. I recently found The Game on amazon when looking up fashion books and thought it sounded interesting. As I read it, the social dynamics it introduced had me hooked. I've never really been social and I just graduated college with an engineering degree, and to see things laid out like a formula and just manipulating the variables just drew me in.

I started formulating routines in my head and found myself planning scenarios without realizing it. I automatically started taking everything and thinking about how I could use it in game. I has only been about 2 weeks since I got the book and I'm only about half way done, but everyone says how much I've already changed and I do feel much more confident.

When I started I had no idea of what to say to a girl. My friend came over the other day and saw the book and recognized and and we started talking about it. later that day we were at the mall talking to all the girls we came across and it felt amazing knowing that when we walked away they still wanted more from us.

Anyway, I didn't intend to write so much. I'm looking forward to learning much more and putting it to use. I've gotten several books (TMM, Magic Bullets, handwriting analysis, palm reading, and birth order) that I can't wait to plow through. I live about 40 minutes west of Boston if anyone wants to sarge in the area anywhere from Lawrence to Lowell to Boston.

Looking forward to the community!