Not sure if this is right, not sure where else to turn

Hi all,

Been lurking for a few weeks, reading stories and support, and it looks like a great group of people in the AF.

I just got out of a LTR (2.5 years), and I came here not because I want to be a PUA necessarily, but just because I want that "Vegas" vibe. I've never had a hard time getting girls, but I've run into approach anxiety in a variety of social situations.

Sometimes, depending on the setting and the people around, I'm 100% "on" and unstoppable, the life of the party, the toast of the town, and a natural leader. Other times, I'm a quiet ultra-introverted mess who can't make chit-chat conversation, and I want to make it so that I can push those latter times (which have taken over since I've moved to Boston waaay too much) away and always be "on."

So I guess I'm not going for being a PUA, just want to get better with people in general and take up aspects of the PUA lifestyle. I think newbie challenges, etc. can help with that, and I'm looking forward to pushing myself to become the person I want to be.