I Am Papa Eagle

Who is Papa Eagle? I'm a adult webmaster (yes, porn) that is used to beautiful models and won't settle for less. I own over 20 adult sites and 250 non-adult sites - money over bitches.

I was suggested this forum by a friend of mine, whom I thought at first had absolutely no game. After getting drunk and busting his balls, he discussed with me some tactics which used on women (some of what I already knew). I was interested how my friend - who I thought had no game - obtained these skills. So I ended up here, and with the name of the author Chris Odom. He said the book was very helpful. I finished the book, laughing most the way through, and was quite impressed with what I read.

... make a long story short - I came back home and met a dime 10 on the scale - just to my liking. I utilized what I learned in the book and now we're together and fucking all the time. I'm not looking just to take a bitch to bed... i'm starting an escort service / webcam site and I need models I can charm on my own.