*wonders how many people here play COD4*
Anyway, name's Alex from So Cal. I'm not a PUA, not sure I want to be one yet, just trying to test the waters and get a feel for things. I'm learning a lot so far, from all the posters and of course, from the MM and The Game.

I think I'm trying a way to reinvent myself, even make an alter ego i can slip into thats still partly myself, until I get compitant enough to be myself. Basically, i want to be myself like I am when I'm drunk. I'm the same guy, just as loud and funny, but more enhanced(or more free to let my true self come out)

I'm a metal head and atheist, and I'm kinda trying to get girls atleast that are on the same page as me in that direction, not necessarily the clubbin' girls. My sister is one of those types, and I hate her guts, so I'm not sure how I feel about those types right now.

anyway, Hewro!