23yr old rAFC in Boston area (all about me)

hey guys, i'm Al, feel free to call me Buff. i'm a grad student in Worcester, Ma and working just outside Boston for the Army.
i got into PUA a couple months ago cause i got dumped and devastated by my gorgeous southern blonde gf of 4 years, and after spending 6 months moping and pouting, i decided i needed to get back on my shit together and find another girl who could make me forget about my ex.

Im off to a good start. so far the biggest thing i've gained is just how to manage girls and control the relationship right away rather than after they've completely accepted you. soon after reading the Game I picked up a few girls (including one from class who had rejected and LJBF'ed the AFC version of me months before) and turned them into MLTRs, which i was amazed girls were willing to do! i never thought that they'd be so willing to be one of a couple of girls i was seeing (i try to be pretty honest).

my sticking points right now are being Alpha and doing cold approaches. with being alpha, i know i have a naturally alpha/bossy personality, as is shown in work and school projects where i end up taking the leadership role whether people like it or not, lol. but those are always in situations where i know my shit better than any one else and i am already comfortable with the people i'm working with. as for cold approaches, i think most openers are too transparent or just uninteresting. usually my problem with cold approaches has less to do with me getting nervous and more to do with me just talking myself out of it by she's not worth the effort or it would be to much work cause she's on the phone/with a guy/working/ bitchy/drunk/whatever.

i think i have pretty good inner game, i dont worry about being unattractive cause it doesnt matter for guys, and i know i have gotten HB9s before and held on to them, so i'm plenty confident that they'd like me.

i'm looking forward to sharing with all you guys, giving my advice where i can and getting lots of yours. and of course, PM me if your in the worcester or boston areas!