Meet Zaf..

Hello guys!
Im new to this forum.
But i have been reading both "The Game" and have also "Rules of thegame" and many cds and dvds about PUA .
Im 35 and live in sweden have also been in long relationsships before on and of .
I have been in lots of party islands like Ibiza /Rhodos /ST-tropeŽ both working and just partying.
I think i got some kind of good Game cause i have no problem talking and walking up to girls and start conversations and it dont mater if its dau game or night game in clubs .
But even the best Master PUA will need improvments and so do i even that im not an master PUA or have been in the game for a longtime i have just been doing my own thing before then i stumbled up on it and it felt like its time to try to master it so here i am.
The hard thing i think is that all is in eng so would be nice if swedish PUA would like to send me some mess so we could improve the game .......