I need a quick opinion...

Well there goes my first attempt at a FTC haha

Anways, a lil bit about myself...

I'm a 20 year old student majoring in Computer Science in New York. I used to have a very strong passion for computers and math and was even a chess prodigy at some point. I had a particular affinity for number and logistics and I've been an honors student my entire life. Even though I'm Muslim, my parents put me through Catholic school through all of grade school and high school because I got into too many fights by my 2nd year at a public school.

Not exacty the greatest start for an aspiring PUA you say? I completely agree.

Now that I've set this frame for you all, I'm sure your picturing a short and scrawny 20 year old computer geek that plays World of Warcraft and counterstike all day and has yes to talk to a girl his whole life. I've misled you on purpose because this is the farthest person from who I am.

Towards the end of my highschool year, I lost most of my desire to pursue a life focused around academia because even though I was extremely good at it, It didn't make me happy as other things could. I was always sort of a class clown and people always enjoyed talking to me. This was exacerbated my senior year in high school. One of my teachers who taught my several classes over my 4 year tenure at that HS said to me that year "You might be the smartest kid thats ever walked through these school doors, but I honestly think your waste of genius." These words kind of haunted me for a while. I decided to use my intellect to my advantage so I've been on a rampage seeking self-improvement on a regular basis to be the best person I can.

Let me tell you about who I am now. I am a 6'3 waiter/bartender. I used to do part-time modelling. I am also a club promoter/event coordinator. I once threw a party with just me and my boy promoting it that has over 400 people show up in a pretty small venue. I am a Division 2 basketball player(though I recently stopped) and I could easily pursue Division 1. My passion for athletics has guided me throughout my life and has kept a good head on my shoulders and gave me a lot of the communication skills and drive to get better that has made me the person I am now. When I want mastery in something I live and die by the phrase "Go hard or go home." My dad told me in high school that I had no chance of competing with black athletes and that I should just stick to school and not basketball...and on top of that I would never be able to dunk. I'm still an honors student....but an honors student with a 43 inch vertical leap. Thanks Dad

Until college, I was very unsuccesful with girls. I could talk to them no problem, I've always been very sociable since I've had a broad range of interests, but nothing memorable or notable; Just a lot of missed opportunities. When I hit college, I got into the club promoting scene pretty hard and this opened things up for me. I got a lot of experience talking to woman and established a lot of connections with NYC nightlife. I haven't been quite an AFC since but I still know I have world's of improvement ahead of me. I must of hooked up with 30-40 girls in the past 6 months which is a GIANT improvement over the person I was, but I'm still not satisfied and I still have a lot of sticking points including the fact that I don't fully close a lot of these.

Since reading about pickup, my personal life has improved dramatically. My relationships with women as well as men have been significantly better and I tend to bag a girl I'm talking to much more often when I intend on doing so. As a waiter/bartender, I went from getting about 15-20% tips on a daily basis to around 30% now. I love what it's done and I'm even more excited about what it can do.

Thus far, I've just used my knowledge of pickup to improve my current and future relationships but have yet to use it to approach new women regularly. So its time to just grab my balls and say "FUCK IT" and just do what it takes for me to be the best person I can be. =]

Good luck everyone, and maybe wish me a lil smthin too