Meet Ice Pill

Who am I?

I'm a pretty decent and humerous guy (once you get to know me and I am not intimidated).

Wel, I recently have gotten into the mystery method. I'm reading up on the beginning of Comfort right now, and I'm hoping that I'm getting somewhere.

One thing to note, I havent seen any of these routines so far you guys not. Like the 1 - 10 test, best friend test, and so on.

I have written up a small (very) routine, and I'm not finished. I still dont know how much canned material I need.

What if she keeps on negging and failing compliance tests? I only have so much stories (like 3).

How many questions should I ask in A3 before I can go to comfort? I think if this is determined by kino, I'm missing something.

I'm in a college situation, and for the time being still live with my parents (dude!) but I sadly still live under their rules and still (gah) cant go out.

My mom wont even let me get a job, and I doubt making Big Macs every day will get me somewhere with freedom anyways.

So, Im stuck gaming at college. Now, I'm afreadi of using my routines, because I want to pick a worth girl. If I game this routine to everyone, I'll have people saying "He always talks about x, y, and z"

Another question:

What do I do after I run out of routines and I have her? That's a flaw I see in the method. I cant game a girl till I die. The routines HAVE to end somewhere.

I seem to blank out whenever I go for the approach. Mind you, I'm able to get the "Hey" in, but everything after the opener, including negs, is gone.

How can I bounce from a C1 to a C2 when I'm locked up, chained to my room .

thanks for your help, I'll be posting a DHV routine up in the DHV section for some help.