I prefer to go by JC, but I couldn't have that screen name. "Lockstep" comes from a set of stories I write.

Me in a nutshell:

I just graduated from college. I live in downtown Baltimore in a cozy three-story apartment. I work as an engineer.

I'm here to learn about and discuss women. My ultimate aim isn't to be a great pick-up artist, though.

Since I was 15, I've been trying to understand why certain people are so captivating. I grew up in an extremely small town, and I was the kid that got made fun of by everyone (family, people at school, strangers.....women in particular). So in my junior year of high-school, I started learning everything from scratch: how to say hi, how to relax around people, how to be a friend, the importance of projecting an image, etc.. Learning how to deal with women is just the next step in this quest.

Up to this point, I've never been on a real date. I wasn't up to the task of dating while in college, for a number of reasons. So here I am now.