Just wanted to introduce myself

I'm heading to bed at the moment.

But just to start off, I'm 30yrs old and ended a 4yr relationship/engagement
several months ago.

Not to sound like a shovenistic pig but part of the reason was
that for 2 and a half years there was no sex. She had a medical
condition that had interfered a lot but was later cleared up. She
would always have excuses. Eventually it got to a point where
it was just take take take on her part. I had enough and had to
call it quits.

I told her I needed more and couldn't let myself be in a marriage
like this. It was very hard to do as I loved her, but deep down I
wasn't happy and she acted as though she wasn't willing to improve
things. Wouldn't listen to why I was upset. Nor would she go to
couples counselling as I pleaded with her for months.

I started to feel like a complete tool which never used to
be in my alpha personality.

I could have cheated on her many, many times, but loving her
kept me comitted to her despite being unhappy as a result of
zero intimacy.

She basically kept saying all us guys are the same which pissed
me off so much.

I told her I have a high sex drive and can't help it. Most of the men
in my family do.

Any how, enough ranting. I just wanted to share what brought
me here.

I've been back in the game for awhile which I'll share more
details with as I've had a lot of interesting experiences
over the last couple of years.

I've watched the MysteryMethod videos with Eric as a friend
and I bought them. He wanted them as he just became in the
same situation as me.

I think they're pretty awesome as they've helped me remember
a lot of the stuff I already knew, and taught me a lot of new

I then stumbled on this really cool forum tonight.

Will add more details soon!

Thanks all for your time