Hammering All Day and Night

Hi guys, figured I should introduce myself. I'm 23 and from NYC. I read The Game a few months back and finished reading The Mystery Method last week. I am also interested in Neuro linguistic programming and read some of Frogs Into Princes, a book reference in The Game. I also read a book on analyzing handwriting, I decided to give that a shot.

I considered myself an okay gamer before reading anything. My problem wasn't talking to girls, it was in the approach. I had a lot of approach anxiety. Anyway, I have a lot more confidence now and have overcome that anxiety. I do pretty well with talking to girls right now. I'm pretty satisfied with my progress.

To be honest, I'm more interested in the social dynamics among people. I find it fascinating. I'm really starting to see a lot of trends in interactions, some of which are referenced in The Game and TMM. That's what I liked most about The Game and what got me interested in NLP. I plan to read more books on similar topics in the future. I think it can really help me in my professional life.

So that's my story. Feel free to message me anytime.