Whats up

Hey im Koner and this is my first time posting in the community and im really excited to see how far down the rabbit hole i will go.

Im 23 and i live near the Quad Cities on the Iowa side. I have never had any LTR's, but i have had quite a few FB and about 5 one night stands. I started learning about this pickup stuff when i was about 20. Until then the only girl i had slept with was my sisters best friend and then i just got lucky...But when i turned 20 i was surfing the net when i stumbled across Double your Dating by David DeAngelo and to tell you the truth it changed my life.

Until then i was pretty shy and would never think of busting a girls balls...i was always stuck in the friend zone...but after reading his book and listening to the Interviews with dating Gurus CD's, I totally changed everything about myself.

Now that was about 3 years ago and things have been going ok, but now im looking to bump up my game. So i busted out the old David D. CD's again and started listening. I kept listening to the interview he did with Styles and i love the way he approached things. So just last week i went out and bought The Game. Already i have read the book twice. Thats how i found out about Mystery and the community. Now I'm ready to go out and gain as much knowledge as I possibly can to improve my game...

Oh and hopefully i will be posting a field report this weekend about a stripper i picked up in a club about 2 weeks ago...we have been talking and she is coming over this weekend to a party I am throwing...so if all goes well I'll hit you with a Field Report....