Me so far.

Hey my names Monopoly and im just starting to get back into the game after several years of being out of commission.

Heres my scenario so far:
Im 25 and have been constantly in and out of long term relationships since I was 15 and only had 1 onenight stand. About 8 months ago I dumped my last g/f and decided to take a break from this intense madness and it was time for me tobe on my own for once.

On top of that I have not slept with anyone since then and im getting ripped apart from my friends and most girls don't even beleive me when I tell them. I've never had any trouble meeting girls or talking to them but closing is another story. I mess it up almost every time and its usually something hillarious like she ends up puking on me or passing out at a party etc...friends think im cursed or its just bad luck but i highly doubt that since its happened over a dozen times by now.

So far I've been researching and learning from several books and websites for about 3 weeks now constantly day and night. I didnt even know what a PUA was untill a girl at work told me about the Game and reccommended it to me. I've been hooked to seduction ever since and its now starting to work. Pieces are falling together and with some practise and patience im thinking this is going tobe one hell of a summer if i play my cards right.

Id lastly like to say this community is bloody amazing and keep up the good work PUA's as its changed my life for the better! If theres a Bootcamp coming up in Toronto im there first in line with a big fat cheque.