BIO Biskit (Instructor)

Hey you guys,

Here's a little inside info for those who don't already know me.

Being French, privy to the 'language of love' wasn’t always enough for me to get the girl. I was always the logical, nice guy before Love Systems opened up a world of opportunity for me.

Traveling across the U.S, Canada and Europe as a semi-professional athlete, I learned to recognize and adapt to different cultures and apply specific techniques to seduce women all over the world. After a chance meeting with Tenmagnet, I was ushered into the Love Systems team and now I travel the world, teaching bootcamps in French and English.

The study of Sports Psychology has enabled me to be an excellent motivator as I apply these principles to improve the student's confidence and inner game.

I am available for one-on-ones in French and English, and expect to start teaching Bootcamps "en Français bientôt".

Hope to hear from you soon