Sam from NYC, Solid Wing.

Hey guys. my name is sam, but in the field you can call me Bellicose.

Im 19 going on 20 soon. I guess you can say I stumbled upon the seduction community in 2013. I was a junior in highschool then and I was pretty depressed. Tall but stick thin for my age, with absolutely no social skills, and very limited experience with the opposite sex. I turned to the internet for help.

I found this pdf of a book on tips to become an Alpha Male. It looked interesting, so I started reading. I finished the book before I knew it and was eager to test out my new-found knowledge.

It took a couple of years to develop my game. I graduated highschool still a virgin and took a one year gap year. In that time, I started to workout more and approach women when i could.

It all started to come together during my college freshman orientation. There was a cute girl in my orientation group, so i chatted her up, gained rapport and on the bus ride back to NYC, had a great makeout session with her.

Then came move in day. I hit up a girl I knew from the city who was going to my college and on my first night got head from her.

A month later in october I actually lost my virginity to another girl after showing her a card trick she was impressed with. (At the time, I did not know about the power of Mystery Method).

It started from there and when the year was said and done, I fucked 9 different women around campus.

By no means am I an expert at game yet, however, and I'm back in the city looking to sarge with other PUA out here. I have a lot to learn, but the early results i reaped from studying what little game i was exposed to was enough for me to continue wanting to learn.

PM me if your interested in winging together here.