Hi from South Eastern Michigan

I'm somewhat new to the PUA world but not new to dating, clubbing & f..king

Years ago I found some videos from Roosh V on Youtube and while they were entertaining I didn't get much else out of them. I bought Bang, Day Bang and 30 bangs in eBook form which were also fun reading but I felt like I wasn't quite getting what I wanted.

I then picked up Neil Strauss "The Game" audio book because it sounded like a fun and interesting read and the reviews stated it wasn't another how to pick up girls book but rather an interesting story traveling down that path. Afterwards, with me and my love of human psychology and manipulation I was intensely intrigued and needed to learn more.
I then started watching in field videos online and seen for myself this shit works, I picked up a book on NLP, Palm Reading, Handwriting Recognition, The Cube and whatever else I could think of to further enhance my game.

I went on a couple dates and tried out some of my new skills and noticed while most definitely worked and enhanced the attraction I still had some more learning to do. The thing that really opened my eyes was a Turkish girl I met over the summer and after our first few dates I had mentioned dating and I knew she didn't want to date anyone but she also made it clear I wasn't her type and there was no attraction there. Fast forward to present, we went out on a few more dates and the topic came up again and suddenly she couldn't remember saying I wasn't her type and she would for sure date me if i asked.....

What I am looking for on here is to learn from others, share what I have learned and hopefully meet some people in my area because my friends are horrible wings and I don't ever see them putting in the effort to change their tactics that obviously don't work.

I apologize for the long as intro, kudos to whoever reads it all