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Looking for a bit of help

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    Since reading Magic Bullets have you been able to identify your weak points?

    In attraction you want to be displaying these qualities when interacting with people: Humor, being a challenge, confidence (I know true confidence comes with success but trust you are gaining the tools to get there), ambition (Have a passion for something & talk about it.)

    Another thing that may help is looking into conversations techniques & work on that.

    I was in a similiar boat as you & I just had to take baby steps & work on the attraction buttons & getting possitive reactions from women before I focused on getting dates etc.

    This may take some time but don't aim too far ahead just take it one step at a time.

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    KW - Well in case I didn't mention it earlier, it's going to be a lot of work! As you make progress on the small stuff, which
    you will if you give yourself a chance, you will make progress on the larger goals.

    But yeah it's going to take some work. Sorry but that is the way life is. Luckily you are 28 so you have time.
    Hopefully along the way you will learn to take pleasure in the small victories and build confidence.

    As far as working out goes, check out the FREE plans (workout and diet) on bodybuilding.com. Check out
    Kris Gethin's plan and Jim Stoppani's. If you can't get a gym membership just get a bench and a set of dumbbells. If you can't use dumbbells
    get bands.

    Cheap DVD options would be Supreme 90 day System and the Tapout XT TV Special. Search for them on Amazon. They are about 35 dollars.

    You should be thinking overall about making progress physically, financially, and in your communication skills, especially those with women.

    The first famous pickup artist used to call it "health, wealth, and relationships." It still applies.

    If you are depressed, take some time each day to do something you will enjoy, like listening to music or doing some reading or something.
    This should be a safe haven for you.

    Also, maybe get your hormone levels, like testosterone and your thyroid levels, checked to see if they are low.

    You have plenty of info now. Now you just have to go out there and do it.

    Good luck,

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