Hello everyone. It's been so long since I posted that I thought I'd introduce myself again.

I've been in the game since it was almost new. I was very active for some years and then I have been in two longer relationships, but I never really stopped practicing game, I've always been going out at least once a week, often with my girlfriends, only difference was that I didn't touch in a romantic way or go home with them. Both my girlfriends loved that I had good social skills.

And by the way, being in two long relationships did things for my development of a man that no amount of "sarging" could accomplish.

I just relocated and I'm now back for round three so to say. I want to be a bachelor for a while, go out a lot, have a lot of fun and get my game to an even higher level. I've never tried stripper game or gotten a threesome, and I've always relied on a few dates to seal the deal, so those are areas I would like to perfect.

Good to be back!