Glad to be back in the pick up world

What up guys. 31 years old from Rockford, IL (just outside of Chicago).

I'm a small business owner, Just got out of a 6 year on and off relationship. Had a child with her too so there was a lot keeping me going back to her. But it's finally over for good. I've always studied the game, kept my social skills fairly sharpened, and kept in good shape even though I was with her. So not too worried about meeting women. I meet them everyday. Just glad to be part of a community of like minded people.
I run a lot of day game, FB game, etc. fairly high success rate. But things could always be better...

So here I am, My name is Joey. And I'm excited to be back into the pickup world. Hope there's some awesome people to meet and interact with on here. I'm ALWAYS looking to improve myself. Pickup, quality of life, etc.... And if I can help anyone out in any way too that'd be great. Thanks for reading!