If PUA had a belt system, I think I'd be a yellow belt. Hey everyone!

Hey guys! I'm Tim. I am new to this forum but not new to the PUA community. Like my title suggests, I know about PUA, I've seen what it can do, and I've done a little bit. But I am definitely still an amateur.

I really want to start doing PUA again, because I am now almost 30. And seeing all my friends getting married and having kids is a little troubling. I want to have that eventually, but I think I need to get better at the whole PUA or dating thing first. That way I am not just settling for whoever will have me.

Knowing about PUA is so weird. Because even when I wasn't going out every night, just knowing that there is a "right" way of doing things, it's impossible to for me to try the "wrong" way and hope to get lucky, like most guys out there are doing.

Anyways, I'd love to get started and actually going out and doing stuff, instead of being a keyboard jockey (is that word still a thing?), so if anyone here is in the DC area, hit me up, and lets go sarging! (hopefully that word is still relavant)