My introduction Jay

Hello gentlemen,
I'm Jay, I'm 32, I was born in France, living in Spain now.
Socially, I never had friends until 28, I was afraid and didn't know what to say with girls.
I read all the theory about seduction. I have now 4 years doing daygame. It completely change my life, I'm now very happy, I have a lot of girls in my life, I have new fuck every week, I make out everyday.
I have many interesting stories and experiences to share in seduction.
I want to improve my game, texting, dating, make out in the street, instant fuck, threesome.
I like to travel, knowing people from every culture, comedy, music, spirituality, sport.

I expect to learn a lot and grow in this community to also teach others.
Because, by teaching, you also learn a lot from the other people.

Nice to meet you all and very glad to be here,