Married guy saying hello


I am new here and from Europe - I dont speak english btw, so you will do some mistakes often.

Honestly I really dont know what am I doing in these forums lol. I am married! But I feel the need to know that I am able to flirt with girls and make them wish me.

My teen years through middle 20s were aweful and destroyed my confidence. I never was a catch for anybody and I never was the "cool guy" on any group, just the guy that you would enjoy to mock up ( I mean, make fun of me). For many reasons (not time to expose them here) not only my selfesteem was destroyed - and because of that I never had seduction skills - but I also crossed some shity depression for years. I am now a different person because of that, with very low energy and very low self esteem.

So, I think that learning some body language and dealing with girls, even if I am not going to seduce, may help me in general in my life.

At last, I need to add that I was able to seduce my wife a few years ago (btw, now I am 36) thanks to David Deangelo stuff. I used his ideas a few times with women, it was good to get the guts and walk completly alone in a nightclub talking to strangers. I really went alone to the clubs, thats weird now that I think on that lol.

Anyway, the point is that I have some theoretical background, enough to know that I should not be a wussy, nevertheless I think David is outdated and some of his stuff was not perfect I think: being cocky and funny is not the best idea I suppose. But I should thank him because I was not so shy and had the guts to aproach some girls (and now one of them is my wife).

Well, thats me. See you around the forum