What's up?

What's up?

Discuss What's up? at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; What's up? Hello everyone. I'm Jorge and in all honesty am a true AFC . ...

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    What's up?

    Hello everyone. I'm Jorge and in all honesty am a true AFC. I'm probably the most beta as fuck guy you have ever met. Obviously I'm trying to change that which is why I'm here.

    I already went to the New? Start here! forums and looked up some resources. I also did some searches as well. I still have a few questions though.

    1. What type of women does this stuff work on? I'm not necessarily interested in just attractive women. In honesty, I'm just tired of being single. I'm just looking for a gilrfriend. Also, I find I tend to be attracted to the innocent girl-next door type.

    2. How do I know what is a scam, trick, bullshit etc? There is a ton of stuff on attraction out there on the web. Billions of shit. Almost all of it is some advertisement for an ebook, video series or semenar. How do I know whats real and what's not? Also I already know many of you are going to say I should read Magic Bullets, Ultimate Texting Guide etc. but I'm going to be up front and say I'm not going to pay for something I don't know works especially when its hella expensive like these books are. I don't want to be single anymore but I'm desperate quite yet either. I'm not looking to spend money.

    3. This brings me to my last question. Any free resources on texting women? I saw the classical writtings section and couldn't find much. I'm reading over what I did find but I like to learn as much as possible so any additional resources is very much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time. I'll get back to studying now. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Hi JRyder

    "1. What type of women does this stuff work on?" What we use in here is based on understanding fundamental female psychology, and it works on all women. That doesn't mean that the exact line or move that worked on one woman will work on the next, but the basic understanding you get is universal.

    "2. How do I know what is a scam, trick, bullshit etc?" Yeah, there is no shortage of people claiming to have found the next big thing. Most of it is marketing or rehashed versions of the same things that we've been talking about the last millennium. We have a forum with independent reviews of all major dating and PUA books, DVD's and training going back almost a decade. Knock yourself out.

    At the end of the day, women are women and men are men and our behaviour is governed by thousands of years of evolution. There is no "weird little trick" or "Magic Bullets" (The title of that book is meant to be ironic). The only difference is in the presentation and the marketing. Find what resonates with you and gives you a good gut feeling, and stick with it.

    I understand why you hesitate to spend money. There are many companies out there ready to sell you the illusion that you are working towards improving your life if you buy yet another product where in reality you would learn more by talking to a real woman for 10 minutes.

    Now, I of course talk as a volunteer on this forum but I have been around before I ended up here. I have read and watched almost anything that's out there, I remember reading blogs, forums and buying products for close to a year and still not knowing why things sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. It was incredibly frustrating. That changed when I read Magic Bullets, because it gave me an understanding of the principles behind all the lines, routines and mindsets. It almost broke it down to a science, and that's something I believe is pretty unique for MB.

    I volunteer for Love Systems on this forum, but I almost never recommend people buying products or training. Except MB. I ALWAYS recommend MB, because it explains everything you need to know to start getting better with women, it even makes you able to decide for yourself whether the advice you get is legit or not. Not wanting to lash out 68 money-back-guaranteed bucks on MB is akin to wanting to fix your $50,000 vintage car yourself, but being too cheap to spend $68 on a workshop manual.

    But don't trust me, go have a look yourself, check these samples out: Triad Model, and Magic Bullets Sample

    "3. This brings me to my last question. Any free resources on texting women?" Absolutely, The Attraction Forums is actually one, big, free resource. Now, about texting women. When you're new to this, the goal is to get the girls out on dates, not to become a good texter. If you suddenly find yourself spending a lot of time trying to text the right thing, chances are that in reality, what you need to do is to get better at the basic, face to face interaction. Good texting can't really compensate for bad game. That's why I found two articles for you, one on the actual texting, and another that deals with the actual problem with most guy's texting: How to avoid flaking in the first place.

    Tenmagnet Explains: What to text a Girl
    A Complete Guide to Flakes and How to Prevent Them

    Have fun, don't hesitate to ask new questions and welcome to the forums.

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