Well... Old Timer or Newcomer. Dunno!

Hello everybody,

I'm new to this forum. Things changed alot since alt.seduction.fast! (For those who know their PU history!) I'm not quite new... I remember when The Game shocked the community (Style!!!, an undercover agent, come on that can't be real!).

More seriously, I've read posts by Ross Jeffries, Formhandle, Mystery, Sysonpyh (yes I'm THAT old). And it helped. Big time.

Went from a total AFC to well... a guy that did well with women. I had many things to prove to myself, since I was unable to even talk to any girl all my chool years before college. I mean unable to even ask to borrow a pen from the girl sitting next to me, and asking a guy 2 or 3 desks far from me.

I wasn't an AFC. I was a total social retard. That was centuries ago, in the early 90s.

College years, totally obsessed by an overweight girl with glasses that I thought that was maybe accessible, I asked her out. She politely refused, and looked quite confused... some weeks later, she was in couple with a guy I thought was under me in the bottom of the pecking order...

That was it, the rest is the usual story... Searching online with my 36000 k/s modem. Found mASF, and for 2 weeks totally dissected the posts by the above mentioned guys.

I fought alone in the beginning, making mistakes after mistakes, trying every approach under the sun, finally meeting other guys, going out, getting better and better.

I discovered I wasn't ugly, which was my only explanation for my total absence of success with women. Akwardly dressed, with greasy hair, always lookin' to the floor, with an unkempt beard and strange jewelry, weighting 172 lbs @ 6'4" (some muscles afterward helped a lot!)

All of this over years, not weeks.

Finally, I was were I wanted to be. My ultimate measure of success was then brining strippers home. I found out that it was feasible. So I settled with a real nice, cool and beautiful woman, and I built a life. What I learned in PU community has been useful throughout my whole life, i every aspect of my life. Seduction is applicable in business, social life, everywhere.

And my life has been quite decent. After a divorce, I was able to meet women easily, and a breakup wasn't a nightmare.

I'm now single since 6 months or so, and I remembered that pickup community. Re-read The Game. And out of curiosity I wanted to see where all of this has gone.

So after reading some posts, here and on other forums, I wanted to register.

With time, some things become easy. But at 41 (today), I discover some "backwards" sticking points...

Dating girls under 30 is totally possible, but even if I know it, I cannot "feel" it. I feel like I want to take some time to just take it easy with women, just like 15 years ago! It is the midlife crisis, and I totally assume it!

So I'm here again! Just wanting to re-explore the world of seduction with fresh eyes again, with no pressure, for fun.

And of course to find some answers to those midlife crisis sticking points! :-)