Poor Richard

Hi Guys,

Relative newbie here. Short bio:
- Average looking, but quite tall/fit
- Quite logical, not a feelings person (does not help with girls -- and they sometimes dive me nuts ) -- probably the biggest problem.
- Had 1 girlfriend, had sex with three different girls (girlfriend + 2 x desperate HB7); generally sex life non-existent.
- Am able to quite easily approach girls (day game), but am totally shit at dates (with 9 in 10 being dead ends -- this is my main sticking point ATM).
- Generally a "comfort" (boring safe conversations) person, not big on "sexy talk" (trying to work on that).

What I am hoping to get out of this forum: write about my experiences in a structured manner that allows myself to identify problem areas, get some feedback from members on whether what I think is going on makes any sense.

What I can offer this forum: my unbiased opinion and intuition about specific situations members are writing about.