Sup.... Newb here

Short version; Im mid 30's, professional, attractive (Ive been told) got my shit togehter. I was raised strictly Catholic and was forbidden to have a GF or talk to girls until i graduate HS. Thankfully my parents divorced when I was a freshman and that went out the window, however the damage was already done and I never learned how to talk to or relate to girls. Much like you said, due to sheer virtue and being naturally good looking, I've always done okay with the ladies. But Ive mostly met through work, social circles etc. Then I read an article that referenced 'The Game' by Neil Strauss...what a life changer. Suddenly things just clicked and I started to realize how I could use my natural personality to talk to girls. Though Ill admit, this just helped me become more rooted in dating within my social circle and not needing to approach. Ive never liked canned game, so its good to know everything is veering away from that, Im naturally just a cocky/funny guy. Since then Ive moved around a lot and lost my social circle, so now i need to learn what i never felt i had to before.....approaching. Which still freaks me out as i was pretty much conditioned by my religious father that talking to girls is bad. So here I am.