What's up everyone? New to the forums. Kind of unexpected

Hey, you guys can call me Motive.

Really did not expect to find this forum or ever heard of this forum before, but found it while looking for some lifestyle forums to join on google to pass time and help reinforce my mindset into things I'm interested in.

I never really had too big of a problem with women. I have had some hot girlfriends in the past. My problem more or less is not getting a woman in the sheets.. once I meet a girl it seems like things just lift off by themselves and I find myself able to do whatever I want with them...

For me it's more or less the initial confrontation / approach. I haven't really approached a girl to get her number more than once or twice. Most of the girls I've gone far with I ended up talkin to kinda unexpectedly at school, through friends or in easy going environments or met online so it was easy to break ground with them. After meeting them it's not hard for me at all to get where I need to. It just comes so easily/naturally.

I'm the type to just kind of be myself and not really conformed to the whole approach a girl, then try to get her number, etc etc. I think I'm not that confident in approaches basically.

Alot of it has to do with fear of rejection. I used to get into alot of fights and things in the past and my nose has took some hits in the past and I have what some would call a "fighters nose". I mean It hasn't effected my ability to get hot girls in bed, but has affected my self esteem. I've had people joke about my nose before and it sucks because I used to be known as somewhat of a chick magnet when I was younger.

I mean I do want to get it fixed but never had an operation before so it makes me anxious. But I know for sure if I did get it fixed, I'd have no inhibitions/obstacles and have a high self esteem/ be more confident.

Well that's all I got for now lol.

What I hope to get out of this forum: meet some cool people I can talk to about guy stuff, learn techniques for approaching/attracting women, build and reinforce a good mindset to help add to the lifestyle i'm trying to create for myself.

Thanks for reading!