Totally new, need help

Totally new, need help

Discuss Totally new, need help at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Totally new, need help Where to start with? Hi, I'm new here and in the ...

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    Totally new, need help

    Where to start with?
    I'm new here and in the dating life, had several problems in my life. Never had appropriate friends and girlfriends. I heard about pickup and dating. Read a lot about the fame of mystery method. But I have never read any of such books.

    Firstly something about me: I'm introverted and very courageous but I'm not shy. I have no fear talking with others but I only talk to strangers if I have a reason like if I want something from others. Else I remain quiet. My humor is sarcastic, black and I was often told having a goofy-like silly humor. Mostly I am the only one that laughs about my comments or humor. Sometimes others just smile or so. I can't do chit chat as well. Some even think I'd be awkward and I'm direct/straight to others: If I take notice of false behaviors I tell it to the person directly. But on the other hand I am also sensitive.
    With the age of 27/28 I have no sexual experience cause I thought I would get women only with a good body shape, having friends and being an entertainer or so on.
    If it is about friends, I made the experience the more guys gotta know me the more they took distance from me and left me. Recently they betrayed me many times.
    So now I'm fed up with such people and live my life on my own without caring if I have friends or not. I can be happy alone as well but I want women in my life.
    I am not a big fan of night life cause I got tired and weak very easily.

    About me: I don't know how to make interesting and fun conversations and how to make others laugh. Mostly I see my searching for words cause I don't know what to say next. I don't know how to magnetize and connect with other people. On the other hand I know how I get happy and in a positive mind.

    At women I think it is very important to make them laugh or at least that they laugh but not about you but about what you say. I saw often women or girls laughing about me in the past.

    What is your advice what to start with and how to go on?

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    Hi equilibriu. Here's a link to what we've been talking about already: Where to start with?

    You seem eager to learn and willing to take the steps needed to do so the right way. With that attitude you're off to a very good start.

    Again, welcome to the forums.

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