Newbie to the forum with my story and first query...

Hi guys!

Brand new to this forum and looking forward to sharing experiences with you all, and chipping in with advice wherever I can.

Little bit about me (with regard to the PUA side of things): I've read Magic Bullets multiple times as well as some other PUA materials, and also garnered some information from this fine site. I used to be absolutely awful with girls, a nervous wreck, with no confidence in myself at all. I now enjoy good success with women, and I primarily put that down to the mindset I've developed over time i.e. I'm my own man, with my own goals and passions. Girls are awesome, and they're the reason we're here...but they are one of many things that make us happy; never the ONLY thing that makes us happy.

The above, along with the concepts I've learned from Magic Bullets and beyond, has helped improve me immeasurably. I've done ok I think, and committed to continue my development until the day I die. Yes, even when I may be married...I don't think self improvement can ever end.