Start of a new Challenge !!

Hello ,

I am Jelmer ''AKA" SnorLaX, I am 23 years old, and I am a nurse. I live in the Netherlands, Rotterdam.

My slogan is: I used to be FAT, now...I don't.

I wanna to be more socially, and of course better with women.
After long research on the internet, I finally got to Lovesystems, and then later mystery method.
I watched the dvd ''Beyond Words'', and I applied it the day after in the field.
Instantly I got result, wich where really satisfying. After 3 weeks I got sex for the first time sinds 3 years.
Later on I practice more and more. Until I lost the feeling of succes a bit. For the last 3 months I didnt used to material. And I saw that I become ''the nice guy again''... So now I am gonna stick with it.

I got a good wingman now, and I really going to be good at this.

Feedback is very welcome...Because where do i start to become really good at this ?