New to the Game. Ready to start!

New to the Game. Ready to start!

Discuss New to the Game. Ready to start! at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; New to the Game. Ready to start! I thought i would do an introduction differently ...

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    New to the Game. Ready to start!

    I thought i would do an introduction differently and just tell you all my story and how I got here.

    I grew up in a very conservative home. Because of this, I was raised with the mind set of "waiting for one." However I do believe there is a "one" out there, but how am I supposed to meet her if I'm not being active in my search. The passed three years of my life have been consumed by my job. For 9 months out of the year I live away from home and travel non stop around the state. Working 72+ hours a week does not allow for much social interaction. The other three months of the year are consumed with further education and training in my job field. Three years with this schedule ruined all aspects of my social life. I recently received a job opportunity that gives me the chance to finally live at home and be able to have a social life once more. Four months ago the book The Game by Neil Strauss was recommended me by a coworker. This book sparked my curiosity to this community. I became obsessed with the fact that I could posses the ability to obtain any woman I wanted. I searched for and studied every piece of material I could find. Mystery Method, Double Your Dating, Magic Bullets. I have stacks of books i have read and yet to read. I have also watched and listened to the Mystery Method Video Archive, Stylelife-Master the Game, and David DeAngelo's Advanced Dating Techniques. Only problem is, I have not been able to go out and use my new found knowledge until now.

    My ultimate goal is not just to be able to pick up any girl i want, but to be the absolute best I can at it. I want to be the spark of jealousy. I also want to show others like me how to as well.

    As I mentioned earlier I have not been able to use my knowledge. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) I will finally get to engage in the first of many practice sessions. I plan on following the three approaches in an hour rule. If possible I might make 4 or 5. I know I will not complete my sets, however failure is just fuel to the fire right? It encourages me to learn and fix my mistakes.

    As far as routines go, I have came up with a few and have practiced saying them multiple times in the mirror. Noticing my body language and tone of voice. Trying to change towards perfection. I used the Mystery Method to formulate my routines. Hopefully i can get through an entire set to see if they actually work haha!

    If you guys have any suggestions on routines please let me know. I plan on trying out many different ones. Any advice is also greatly appreciated haha

    I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and hope to one day be in the shoes of you who pass along advice and words of wisdom.



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