Hello fellow players

Hello fellow players

Discuss Hello fellow players at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Hello fellow players Hello everyone. My name is Marco, im a 35 year old male ...

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    Hello fellow players

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Marco, im a 35 year old male from Portugal.

    I hope i can in a first stage get more information about the seduction topic, and also how to get a better life, and social connections skills .

    Im a driver, and Antropologhist in academic field, i like above all music, almost all types.

    Fell fre to pm me, dispite i really cant help much now, since im still struglin meself i like to chat with nice people.

    if for any reason you read this and are planning to come to my country in holidays or corporate stuff, feel free to pm me, i will help you with tips or advice you might need.

    I wish you all from my hear, you get all the sucess in want in your life, and therefore make this even more beautifull to those around you.

    If you are from Portugal, please pm me!!!

    Blessed be


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