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    I love social dynamics. The ability to inject yourself in to any social situation and succeed. Call it ego, call it narcissism if you want, but I love the attention!

    I love gaining the interest of the beautiful women around me. Everyday I read into the subject and supplement my knowledge into the field, I get better at it. In fact I feel myself becoming more and more obsessed in mastering this knowledge. I constantly have to remind myself to focus less on the art and more on my daily duties.

    That being said, lately I've also been wondering why I'm really doing this. What's my main goal? It's not like I don't have an attractive girl friend. I mean she has a great body, spirit, and mind. What else could I want? Do I just wanna meet hotter girls?

    A few days ago I joined another PUA forum and after posting one of the kissing routines I'd come up with another PUA, Phero, sent me a message. He asked me what did I hope to gain by learning this? I sent him a response but he never answered. At first I thought it was purely because he was busy, and maybe it was just a thing administrators do on these sites to welcome new comers. But now I wonder if the real reason isn't that but rather, because my answer didn't sound realistic.

    I remember even as I wrote my answer I felt that something didn't sound right. There was another reason.

    And it dawned on me. I love women. I love everything about them. I want to understand them. I don't want to settle either. I want to pick and choose, and see what makes them tick. I wanna approach a pretty girl in a club, bar, coffee shop, or book store to get insider her mind--and inevitably in her pants.


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    if it makes you feel better he didn't respond to me either, maybe he's picking and choosing as well :P.

    mystery once said: "have fun exploring humanity"

    good luck Evolove, hope you find what you are looking and in the end make this world better.

    -Soldier King

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