The "new" guy.

The "new" guy.

Discuss The "new" guy. at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; The "new" guy. Gentlemen, I hope your weekend treated you well and you could start ...

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    The "new" guy.

    I hope your weekend treated you well and you could start your Monday off on the right side of the bed.

    I am new to the forums and wanted to introduce myself. I listen to/read a lot of books and it was suggested by a friend that I read "The Game". I'm sure that book has motivated tons of fellow men to this site in hopes to improve their game. I am one of those.

    I am from San Antonio, TX. There are some great looking women here, but this isn't a city for the young and dating. It's a city for those that want to settle down and have families. What's that mean? It means that the few great looking women (seldom even 10s) are consistently and constantly barraged by loads of guys. What does this cause them to do? It causes them to feel that they are on a pedestal. So what is my aim? I don't want a girlfriend or to settle down yet, I just need some tools to give me the upper hand in these situations and break my current confidence barrier.

    I am very fortunate and was blessed with good genes. I typically don't have problems talking to a woman or getting their number, but I am way too nice and the approach is what typically slows me down. It kills it for me every time. I become the guy they want to date, not stay with for the night. I also have a tendency to not aim high enough, I typically chase 7-9s not 10s. I want to change this. So, this is why I am here.

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    shut the fu ck up and talk to a 10. you afraid?

    Hi, Soldier King here to help you, hope you find a great girl to marry.

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