Hello from Greece

Hey there!

I'm 27 yo, born and lived in Brazil until 2004 and now living in Greece with my father since then. The time I was in Brazil, when I was 13, I liked a girl and because I haven't done such a thing before in my life, I didn't do nothing. Then a flash (by intuition) came into my mind that there must be a solution to this problem, so I decided to google it. Found a book (in Portuguese) that explained in pretty much detail how to talk, behave, move, day and night game, and a lot more.

Since I was too young and haven't done almost nothing, I didn't "have the chance" to make all the mistakes that were written in that book. It was pretty useful. Although I didn't get the since I liked at first, I DID make my life better.

Now, it doesn't mean that I consider myself an expert, but I indeed have a lot of knowledge about PU.

So, that's my life in short