Lurker finally decided to become a member! Hello everyone!

Well I've been reading on this site for awhile now and decided to become a member! I'm 26, will be 27 next month. I live in Texas, and I'm a ticket agent for an Electronic Music promotions company. I've been reading PUA material for about 14 months now and it's made a huge difference in my quality of life. Mainly got into all this for self improvement of my inner and outer game. is the first pickup website that I found and it's what started all of this. I wanted to thank the previous PUA's for helping with all the issues I've had and things I've learned over the last 14 months, it's been a complete game changer.

I finally decided to join when last week I realized that because of this self improvement journey I slept with 3 of the most beautiful women I've ever slept with consecutively in a week. I also started working out and I look and feel amazing! (Never worked out before)

I was also able to use the material from this site to tackle my first real Oneitis. (Oneitis is the worst thing I've encountered) I almost blew it, in fact I did blow it. I realized this and went cold for awhile. Almost a month, I was miserable.

This is when I found this website!! Thank god I did! Reading about others Oneitis helped me a lot. So much so that I ended up getting my Oneitis back! Crazy....

I had previously purchased Magnetic Messaging and the 100 greatest texts of all time. I bought Magnetic Messaging to learn the Key Lock Sequence. (This works) I bought this system and ended up finding this site because of that. (I bought this because of my Oneitis wasn't texting back like she used to) I could tell something was up. (It was a new bf) He's no longer in the picture. Boyfriend Destroyed....

Now I've got different problems, like my social circle, I'm meeting new and interesting go getters, some I like better than my normal friends. I feel conflicted because I've put all this work into personal development and I'm liking where this is all going. I even ended up getting a new job out of all this too. I guess I feel like my old friends can't keep up. My social status has also skyrocketed.

Long story short, everything is different now, waaay different. And I like it.