Natural Newbie! An Introduction

It is 9:10 in the morning after a long night of study, the smell of breakfast engulfs my senses. Bacon sizzling in the frying pan, oozing of succulent juices that any man simply cannot resist, with eggs being scrambled on the side to a nice pearl white with a sunny yellow center yolk. Firing off from a dream state, my eyelids spark open, a diligent gleam portraying from their iris and pupil, ready to take on the world.

My name is Jacob, also known as Ash; it has been a long time since I had been successful of any sort with women, honestly I can say it's not that hard. Walking up to a girl and talking to her, then taking her home doesn't seem all that hard.. only then to feel my feet rooted to the floor, like a tree in the middle of a caravan of simple minded animals. 'She's too pretty, she won't like someone like me' I thought, 'Better leave her to some other, more attractive man..' rung like a bell inside of my head as I continued my gaze upon her luscious figure, attempting to unravel the binds that held my feet in place.

As the night began to turn, the sun showing it's hideous face that would end the party's pulse, the booming bass that scream from the subs dissipates, time to clean up. Everyone had left, including her.. I felt like I had punched myself in the gut with regret.. I had to change something. The clash and clang of retractable tables being put away to microphone stands hitting the floor from an obvious butterfingered attempt at trying to carry too many, I only sighed from my apparent lack of self confidence as I nursed my drink. Taking up my black fleece jacket, I headed home.

That was just a couple of nights ago, surrounded by women and sounds of happy, hearty laughter. I had picked up 'Rules of the Game' by Neil Strauss and it has been a blast from my earlier years, when I had life all figured out. It's taken months to get even to where I am now; happy, feeling good about myself, the only thing I lacked? Confidence. I looked up to Neil, trying to find some answers from him, but only it looked as if he was a money grubber outside of his lovely pocket-book detailing the art of pickup in a challenge that lasts a mere 30 days.

Google had been my friend, stumbling upon every bit of information I could find, until I looked further, finally coming across The Attraction Forums. My chest swelled with anticipation, almost like hiccups I held back squeals of delight that would only come from a young school girl. Without any hesitation, I signed my name on the dotted line. Alias: Ash Screamwrite. Behind the veil of anonymity, my face concealed from the world, it seemed all too right to come to this gathering of posts, men who had gone from chumps to heroes conveying portraits of their last night's prize. At once I began my journey, to learning the art of attraction, to approaching, it is time to change my life.

My name is Jacob, also known as Ash, a 19 year old chump with the aspirations to become a man of options, a man who creates his life as he wants it. To be able to understand and engage women.. ultimately having more opportunities, that is why I am here.

It is a pleasure.