Back to the game

After getting out of a 3.5 year relationship, and then spending a half year in a slump, I'm thinking about getting back into the game. I used to be fairly decent...I had conquered my approach anxiety and was relatively decent at indirect approaches (I come across as fairly unthreatening, and I'm usually able to use it to my advantage). However, a load of stress with full time school and work has been eating away at my confidence, and a few recent shut-outs have got me soul-searching. I figure I'll stop by here again, rework my inner game, and see if I can remember some of my old routines and pick up a few new ones.

Oh, and for all those emails that the PUA forums sent me, "Have you gotten married?" was close, but I wanted kids and she didn't. Still went on for a year knowing there was an expiration date. I would not suggest that, it really eats away at the relationship.