The introductory bullet points:
- I'm 29.
- I have owned a successful small hospitality business for the past three years.
- I live in a small, hip town with a lot of hipster/hippie girls who tend to be self-aware, honest, and less prissy.
- In the beginning of December, I broke off a 2⅓ year relationship with a girl I believed I was going to marry - but due to my lingering beta tendencies and some issues on her side, it wasn't working. I hadn't learned to command respect and she still believed she was perfect.
- In the two months since, I've bedded six girls and kissed/fooled around with five more. - Two of these girls are locked-in ongoing sexual relationships.
- ~2 weeks ago, I read The Game and it flipped my understanding of women upside-down. I literally see all the things Neil talks about in every interaction with women, and have even nailed their feelings at various points in ways they weren't able to.
- I've devoured a lot of info since, but here I am to interact with the community so I can stop talking to my guy friends about it - they don't get it. They also sit in a bar all night and never talk to the girl they were there to see.

My strengths:
I think I can open sets well - I did three last night at a bar and everyone seemed relaxed and had fun. One girl resulted in a great conversation later and a number. One girl was very flustered because I told her that she wasn't going to get the bold alpha male she wanted by witholding sex until they were monogamous, but I was more arguing with her for my own amusement. The girl who gave me her number said "you were the funnest guy at the bar tonight, everybody loved you!" which was encouraging.

I can build comfort, value, and attraction in most girls fairly easily. Being a business owner helps, but I'm relatively confident and know a lot of information on a variety of topics (business, philosophy, music, travel). I lived in a foreign country for two years. I'm good at not telegraphing initial interest, and throwing in a tease or two as I go along.

I'm a great kisser and great in bed (I know every male thinks that) but in the past month I've made two girls squirt for the first time, and I routinely get complimented enthusiastically on my kissing. I do tend to focus on the girl in bed (I don't particularly enjoy receiving oral sex) but I always get off, so I'm not too worried about it.

My weaknesses:
If I get rejected, I mull it over far too much - I don't have that "cornerback" mentality of forgetting my mistakes quickly. It's an emotional thing as well, I take it personally.

I'm not great at being humorous in a carefree way (was gonna link Cajun's insane cat neutering post here but can't just yet), which is something I want to work on. I need to care less how my jokes are received.

I close too fast - I have not followed Mystery's seven-hour rule on a couple occasions and it's ruined the interaction. The other night I went five hours with a girl, got her naked, and the LMR was too strong. She hasn't texted me back and it might be over with. I should have made out with her, taken her home, and escalated again another night.

I'm TERRIBLE at kino - it feels very invasive for me to start touching a person at any point until we're making out. I'm a naturally dominant personality but have never been touchy in the least.

I don't think I'm at the point where I can really get a girl that requires a lot of work - most of the girls so far have been a little more honest about their sexual needs (common in this town) and didn't need quite as much game. I messed up with a girl that did by being beta and doing a little too much coaxing / cajoling.

I am an introvert and need a decent amount of alone time to recharge - but after the past two months I feel incredibly lame if I spend a night in, even if I have to be up early for work. I've not done a good job of balancing those those needs and emotions so far.

My inner game fluctuates depending on circumstance, which means it's bad. This ties into the previous paragraph.

Anyways, I'm glad to be here. Looking forward to this journey with y'all.