Bad Luck Brian....

Hey guys!
Ive been holding this off for quite some time but i think that this introduction has been long overdue.

I found out about "the game" from my older brother when I was 14. previous to this, I was a shy socially awkward overweight lad with self confidence issues and absolutely no game. Seeing my brother go out and hit the clubs made me want to learn, so I vowed to improve myself as much as I could given my age.

over the next few years, I forced myself to become a more social person. I joined a gym, started playing sports and started going to events that would force me to become more interactive with people. Over time i got more friends, became more athletic, and learned that the game isn't about picking up girls, but rather improving your life altogether.

I grew up in Vancouver, but have moved onto campus at the University of Victoria to live a campus life. (I suggest this for anybody looking for an awesome experience). I also have an issue to somehow screw up my interactions with most girls I meet.

an example of this, was about a month and a half ago.
I met this girl, we were both intoxicated, and the butterflies were in the air. We ended up in my room, and things started to get heavy.
I always seem to surprise myself at how I can fuck up an easy situation, but in my head I found it a good idea to seem hard to get... So instead of advancing to the pollination of her forbidden fruit, I suggested we come back later in the night and hang out with friends in the meantime.

We head out, and she's definitely sexually frustrated and I think I've won. I hold back the urge to cry with joy and pound back a few beers...
this is where my night gets dodgy, and although I am feeling like a boss i forget that I am only 5 ft 8 inches of future bad decisions and regret.
I end up in a room, with another girl and were watching a movie.
I go for it, and I'm successful... Im very drunk, she's sober and I can physically see how bad of a kisser I am at this point.
She eventually kicks me out, but believe me I would have done the same.

So the night goes on, and the consumption of alcohol gets worst and eventually I wake up in my bed alone.
I shoot this girl a text and we hangout that day and watch the walking dead together and trade massages.
The next day comes and she's a lot less interested in me. I give her space, and try again the next day but I get the same results leaving me confused.
Eventually, I figured out that the two girls were friends... and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that girls talk to each other.

So, this leaves me with my current situation.
Im not the kind of guy to get attached to a girl often, and I usually know when the chemistry has gone.
But I happen to be a nice guy, and as a nice guy, it is my duty to treat a girl the way she should be treated, not like a number in my book.
The problem is, I have a lot of improvement in order to get there, which is why I am here.

So, if anyone was lazy and this was TL;DR my name is Ajayy,
I hope to share my experiences with you and learn as I go,