Hey guys! Here's my LONG intro. Just a wild dog with his leash off.

IS anyone here a big fan of natural game like me? I guess this is my intro, let me tell you guys how I got in to this... I used to be in love and an AFC at 16, my greatest weapons were love and devotion... But then after she broke my heart I started dating a 27 year old when I was only 17. She wasn't the best looking but her boobs were A+ and she could bend her legs over her head... So needless to say I beat that pu*** up like it owed me money. I messed with her for awhile as purely a FWB situation... Then that went sour because I was too young and couldn't handle my alcohol. I got in to fights, gained friends and lost friends over the years and all sorts of other things, and through trials and tribulations I became a strong male. I won't say I'm an alhpa all the time, but I have been an alpha on any good night. The funniest guy, or the best conversationalist. I listen to a lot of talk radio like Howard Stern and Adam Carolla.. Listen to them if you'd like to absorb some good conversational concepts.

Now here's my own concept of why I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors to slay many bi*****:

Concept: It takes a stronger man to get knocked down 10 times and get up 11.. Donald Trump went bankrupt like 3 times before he found success... and don't even make me mention all of Thomas Edison's failures before 1 light bulb shined. Life teaches you this more than gaming women. Go out there, get a job/lose a job, make a friend/lose a friend and then it will be ingrained in to your mind. Be accepted and then be humiliated. Life is a game of poker, you've got to know when to play the right hands and you can't win them all.

But anyways, I have had sex with literally too many woman than I care to count, I'm at like 30+ and I don't have HIV herpes or anything else. I've been lucky, thank you Trojans!! I think the best tool in my arsenal is a desire for meaningful conversation and a "How can I make this fun for ME?" mentality... Without making a woman feel uncomfortable, ofcourse. "If you're bored than you're boring" so I think the key for me has been to have fun... Be keen to social cues and never try to hard for any woman because as they say "Behind every hot chick is a man who's tired if screwing her". So never give them power over you... But I say this from a standpoint of sexual expertise and 1 woman who told me she lost count at 40 orgasms in 1 night... Once you've gotten laid enough you stop worrying about vaginas. And once you become a millionaire you'll realize that money won't make you happy. It's all inside! ..Anyways, I like to evaluate conversations with females, pepper in a joke wherever I can fit one and also use kino... I read about 3-4 chapters of Mystery's book after watching both seasons on VH1 and the reason I stopped reading was because I had the basics, I had the frame work and then I wanted to gain the skills on my own so that I didn't ever have to feel like I got where I am eating another man's scraps... Besides, I saw Mystery's girl and she has NO a** but whatever I'm not a hater.

I had a HB8 (coulda been a 9 but she lacked DSL's) just today that wanted me to drive 40 miles, plus pay bridge toll and then pay for dinner and drinks? Well she's jocking hard but I've tagged too many tails to do all of that, and 1 thing that I remember about this game is that you want a woman to invest. If she can't BORROW a car and get her little a** out here then I'm not going to stress over 1 piece of a** that doesn't have a car or any money... Some women take suckers on dates just to eat a free meal, so be wary of that! Anyways, I COULD copy our entire online convo if you guys want to see some natural gaming which may not coincide with the rules of this game but this was supposed to be my intro so Hello!!!