Introducing: Mandela

Hey there!

Let me briefly introduce my self as I am completely new to this community and to this forum. Im a 21 year old Dutch chemical engineering student, with little to no (sexual) experience with women. I kissed the massive total of 2 girls in my whole life.

I'm currently reading "The Game" by Neil Strauss, and I find his story very intriguing. To see him change from an insecure guy who didn't know what to do, to the master PUA he is now, is so inspiring I decided to register on this forum. I'm sick of having no women in my life who are attracted to me in any way. I mean, I have some girl friends, but never did I have anything close to a "girlfriend". So what I am looking to get out of learning pick-up first of all is be able to talk to, and entertain, people, more in particular women. Not just talk to them, but also intrigue them and make them attracted to me. The opener is (like so many other people) is my biggest fear. It's such a crappy moment, you stand there in a bar, holding your beer wishing you would be able to talk to that HB that justed walked by you. Every time I don't it's like, why the fuck didn't you go and talk to her, she's only a girl. Yet, the next time, I do it exactly the same.

I watched a lot of material on Youtube (videos of Mystery, Style, Cajun etc.) and read some stories from several PUA, so I have a certain degree of knowledge about the pick-up. Now what I need is a kind of mentor, to guide me trough the process from an AFC to a PUA. To help me get over this overwhelming fear of women.

My thoughts of the community are that it seems to be a very open one. I imagine a lot of people have exactly, or nearly, the same problems I have. In no way do I think I'm special because I know, my problems almost every guy must have. It's like Mystery says, It's just hardwired into our brains. I want it, the fuck, out though!

Lastly, I hope you can help me in some manner, beating my problems. I have no expectations, so I imagine it could only get better from here on out ;-) !