Long time listener, first time caller.

I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself because it is symbolic of making this lifestyle a bigger part of my own life. What Ulysses is to Neil Strauss, the Game is to me. While I may never live in a house with a group of pickup artists or even fully commit to the lifestyle in general, no book has resonated more with me. Mystery's deconstruction of complex social dynamics beautifully illustrated some of what was always on the tip of my tongue, but unpronounceable. Style's candid admissions of awkwardness, doubt, and the emerging internal conflict between the way people behave and the way people ought to behave is something I (along with most here I'm sure) can deeply relate to.

My user name stems from the fact that I'm a walking contradiction in a number of ways. I'm roughly 50% meat head and 50% egg head. At different times in my life I've vacillated between brilliance, apathy, and fisticuffs. I'm highly educated and yet chose to veer from a path of wealth and prestige towards military service, and yet still find myself trying to come to terms with where in the world my unusual combination of attributes can be put to best use.

When it comes to women I am confident that I'm ahead of the curve in a number of ways, but I can always improve in every area, and have identified one where I am likely behind the pack. I have a difficult time transitioning from casual dating to a committed relationship. While on this forum I intend to learn more about what it takes to enter into and maintain a happy and healthy relationship, as well as generally improve my quality of my life. In exchange I will offer my own thoughts, analysis, and humor.

Thank you all for your contributions to the greater understanding of the dynamics between men and women, and people in general. From the hapless AFC who provides occassional anecdotes, to the gurus who put together the collective data of personal and community experience, you all help illuminate the dark and mysterious world of the true mechanics that govern interpersonal interactions.