Change of life

Hi, Im a Spaniard living in London, who has chosen to change his life.

I have always being the shy regular guy with low self-esteem, but I was happy and comfortable with that. I had a great group of friends, and a loving girlfriend so I stopped trying to improve myself.

Since coming to London, I have lost many of those friends (they are far anyway), and my girlfriend (after 11 years together). I had a really bad time, but thinking about myself I saw I was relying on other for happiness and fulfillness. My own image rely on others, especially a girl, not in myself. I had lost all aspirations, dreams and spirit.

Now, I want to change all that.

Im a pure introvert, but Im trying to meet with other people, at least once a week. I went back to workout in the gym (terrible eating habits in London gave me some extra pounds). I have decided to pursue what I really want to do, and do something I can be proud. And of course, lose the fear to women and approaching.

If I dont like my own life, how can other like me?

First thing is to change oneself and be happy with your own without relying in other opinions. My shyness comes from my fear to rejection. I want to be proud of myself.

I plan to take a bootcamp (probably a day bootcamp), but next year (I need the money first). During this time I want to improve my self-esteem and enjoy my own life. I want to improve my looks (gym, style), meet people and do something new every month (next month I begin with archery).

Hope to take part in the forum more frequently.